Childhood and adolescence are of key importance when it comes to final appearance of the face and teeth alignment. Proper prophylaxis and removable dental braces pay a significant role already in early childhood.

During a consultation appointment an orthodontist evaluates the malocclusion, determines possible parafunctional habits, and chooses the right braces for a given patient.

Orthodontics for children:

  • Space maintainers

If a deciduous tooth has been prematurely lost, a permanent tooth may erupt too early. Consequently, various disorders may appear, including retention of other permanent teeth in the bone. An orthodontist can prevent that by preparing a prophylactic space maintainer.

  • Vestibular plate

It is often provided to paediatric patients when they turn 2. It is used to eliminate various disorders and dysfunctions such as: muscular hypotonia, mouth breathing, or persistent infantile type of swallowing.

  • Removable dental braces for children

It is a group of dental braces chosen by an orthodontist as per recommendations and type of malocclusion. They are used in children between 7 and 13 years old. They condition proper teeth growth and alignment.

  • Permanent dental braces for children

In some cases an orthodontist may decide to temporarily apply permanent braces that take the form of brackets adhered to teeth. Most commonly it regards the frontal section. After teeth are properly aligned in this area, orthodontic treatment is usually continued with the use of removable braces.


If your child turned 7, you should definitely book a consultation appointment for her/him.