At Perfect Dental Clinic orthodontic treatment is provided by experts in this field who adhere to worldwide standards. Careful plan of the entire process is an important part of the treatment. Appropriate dental braces are chosen after our orthodontist clearly explains pros and cons of individual dental braces. We can offer all orthodontic treatment methods currently available worldwide. Orthodontic treatment may be provided to every patient, regardless of his or her age and after his or her oral situation has been normalized (so-called biological treatment).

Steps in your orthodontic treatment:

Step 1 – Consultation

Book a consultation appointment with your orthodontist if you know you suffer from malocclusion or you would like to check that. If you have other expectations regarding improvements in the condition of your teeth, their aesthetics, or you want to restore your missing teeth, we recommend to schedule your first consultation appointment with a dentist at Perfect Dental Clinic that will perform a specialist examination including a treatment plan and a possible preparation of a digital smile design.


Step 2 – Orthodontic treatment – active phase

At our Clinic we try to reduce the time period of this stage to an absolute minimum. It lasts about 1.5 years on average. An orthodontist chooses dental braces according to the given case. After placing braces it is necessary to attend follow-up appointments every 4-6 weeks depending on the used braces. During orthodontic treatment it is of the essence to observe recommended rules for professional preventive hygienisation. Cleaning and sandblasting while having dental braces is recommended very 4 months.


Step 3 – Retention phase after the orthodontic treatment

After the end of orthodontic treatment a so-called retention is necessary to keep the effect of harmonious teeth alignment. Most commonly a retention wire bonded to the internal surface of teeth in the frontal section is used. Orthodontists often opt for removable retainers – a special kind of an onlay placed on teeth.


Step 4 – Final stage – Healthy and beautiful smile

If dental braces are one of the stages in your treatment plan that encompasses smile metamorphosis with ultra-thin veneers or an implant restoration, you will have to wait for the final result 3 months more. It is a minimal period for the retention phase.




Book a consultation. We offer dental braces  for children and adults.