Nowadays, an orthodontist may efficiently and safely provide orthodontic treatment for patients at all ages. It involves patients over 40, too. At Perfect Dental Clinic our orthodontists offer state-of-the-art dental braces made from high-quality materials. We do not treat orthodontic treatment as a way of straightening one’s teeth, but as a chance to create a beautiful smile and improve patients’ quality of life. During the planning stage we utilize a number of digital tools that enable visualization of the final effect before dental braces are placed.



Orthodontists together with a team of specialists at our dental centre often offer adult patients a possibility to design a new smile according to the DSD concept. The design includes matching and positioning teeth according to the rules and considering patient’s facial features. After a design is ready, every patient receives a presentation showing what she/he may expect from the orthodontic treatment.

Modern dental braces for adults are definitely more effective and guarantee final results faster. In the past, dental braces caused a considerable discomfort. Currently, new and innovative technology used for brackets equipped with sliding mechanisms, and access to invisible removable and comfortable braces guarantees stable results without experiencing pain caused by moving teeth.

Dental braces for adults: