Depending on the type of malocclusion and aesthetic needs, our orthodontists offer a wide range of high-quality dental braces. A consultation and examination performed by an orthodontist are necessary in order to choose appropriate braces. After the appointment, a treatment plan including a digital visualisation of the orthodontic treatment course will be provided.


At Perfect Dental Clinic patients may choose:

  • Metal dental braces

Classic dental braces in the form of silver brackets adhered to teeth. They are made of durable and hypoallergenic materials. Orthodontists often use colourful rubbers that contribute to a unique visual effect. Metal braces may successfully be used with various types of malocclusion.

  • Self-ligating braces

This type of braces guarantees much faster treatment and less discomfort associated with moving teeth. It is possible thanks to innovative technology, without ligature ties, that has been used in self-ligating braces of Demon, among others. The technology guarantees smooth movement and decreased pressure on teeth.

It is one of the most popular braces at our Clinic. Used brackets are made from opal ceramics that match the colour of the teeth. Given that, they are extremely discreet when used. More

Transparent braces. Some of the most modern and aesthetic permanent braces for adults. Brackets are made from durable and clear sapphire. They are recommended to patients who value comfort and aesthetics. More

  • Aligners

This innovative type of braces is dedicated to patients who do not approve of permanent dental braces and who appreciate comfort and aesthetics. These are removable trays that fit tightly on the teeth and straighten them.

The most popular removable dental braces for adults include:

  • Clear Aligner

It is a system of aligners that constitutes a comfortable alternative for traditional dental braces. It is available as a pair of silicone transparent trays for the upper and lower teeth arches. They may be removed during meals or for special occasions. After some time, an orthodontist exchanges the set of trays for another one, which continues the correction process of teeth alignment.

  • Invisalign

Digital 3D technology and continual digitalization of dentistry have reached orthodontics, too. The result of it is Invisalign – the most modern and innovative dental brace for adults. These aligners start working already within the first hour when a patient puts them on, and the treatment results are visible really fast. Invisalign is practically invisible, and thus, no one will notice that the patient is straightening her/his teeth. Learn more about Invisalign technology.



Price of dental braces

Pricing is tailored to every patient depending on their type of malocclusion and the choice of dental braces.


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