We know how much adults appreciate aesthetics and comfort. Therefore, orthodontic treatment at our Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic includes many aesthetic dental braces.

One of them is a porcelain brace whose brackets stuck onto teeth are made from ceramics. Their opal shade, resembling teeth colour, makes them almost invisible, when a person smiles, as they blend into the teeth. Additionally, it is possible to use a white wire instead of a metal one.

The most important part of aesthetic braces is their brackets, in which an orthodontic wire is placed; the wire is responsible for generating appropriate force to straighten the teeth. Porcelain brackets are extremely durable and characterized by exceptional precision – thanks to that, porcelain braces may be used to correct major types of malocclusion. While using aesthetic braces, it is recommended to refrain from smoking and eating staining foods as this may lead to ugly sediment on ligature ties. However, colourful diet does not influence ceramic brackets. Nevertheless, periodical cleaning and professional hygienisation are recommended every 4 months.

Dental braces are worn between 1.5 and 2 years, depending on the type of malocclusion, and follow-up appointments take place every 6 weeks on average.

Aesthetic dental braces – Price

During the first appointment, our orthodontist will perform careful examination and various measurements using cephalometric images. Patients receive complete pricing regarding the orthodontic treatment with aesthetic braces during the same appointment. In addition, the orthodontist presents virtual patient models and the course of orthodontic treatment including porcelain braces in a special program for digital orthodontic planning.

Our dentists use also sapphire brackets during aesthetic orthodontic treatment.

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