Perfect Dental Clinic is a Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic in which orthodontic treatment constitutes an important part and often a necessary element to reach dream results of our patients.

Do you dream about a beautiful healthy and, first and foremost, harmonious smile? Teeth that look natural and highlight your appearance? Do not wait – make a consultation appointment with our orthodontist.

Orthodontic treatment at Perfect Dental Clinic is conducted smoothly. Our orthodontists use high-quality equipment for all necessary examinations and X-ray imagining to make measurements and plan an orthodontic treatment. Orthodontists work in a digital environment, and plan orthodontic treatment with the use of special and innovative software. We are able to plan your orthodontic treatment in great detail and choose the best dental braces for your type of malocclusion.

Your models and subsequent treatment stages are kept and archived in digital and virtual forms. Thanks to that we can act effectively during check-up appointments; also, it constitutes a part of our quality management system.


Advantages of orthodontic treatment at Perfect Dental Clinic:


  • Digital orthodontics – we work in a precise digital environment, and thus, your orthodontic treatment is performed in a meticulous way;
  • Orthodontic treatment is a stage on the way to restore your beautiful smile according to previously devised and accepted digital smile design by Perfect Dental Clinic;
  • Orthodontic treatment aims at improving the position of your teeth and will positively influence the shape of your face and symmetry;
  • Orthodontic treatment will normalize your joint conditions, and eliminate snaps, dislocations, and teeth clenching.


We offer various kinds of dental braces that are adjusted to your type of malocclusion, age, teeth condition, and budget. Learn more …

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