Tailor-made make-up for ceramics at Perfect Dental Lab is a dream service for most of patients – especially the ones who are not satisfied with the choice of colour of their crowns and them matching other natural teeth. At Perfect Dental Clinic we have decided to meet these patients’ needs and introduce a premium service based on “painting” ceramics in the presence of a given patient.

With individual prosthetic reconstructions it is actually impossible to achieve satisfactory effects without painting. With more complex works and to achieve a bigger change, we recommend applying ceramic veneers on homonymous teeth in pairs.

Tailor-made make-up is an extremely time-consuming and precise process conducted by a dental technician. To achieve an appropriate aesthetic result, a technician often fires several layers of porcelain and various colouring masses. Consequently, the ceramic work, after being cemented in patient’s mouth, resembles adjacent natural teeth. Tooth functions are restored, and thanks to the make-up and painting the achieved colouristic result, light reflexion and translucency are the same as the enamel of adjacent teeth.

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