An idea behind Perfect Dental Clinic has always been to move dental treatment to a different, higher level. We wanted to provide all stages of a prosthetic treatment on-site, in a fast and predictable way, and without sending any pieces of work to outside laboratories.

It is one of few dental clinics in Poland that has its own Digital Prosthetic Laboratory equipped with world-class prosthetic equipment. Thanks to that both our dentists and patients treated at Perfect Dental Clinic may enjoy an incredible comfort. Access to an on-site laboratory provides an excellent opportunity to make prosthetic reconstruction within one day, and tailor-make beautiful ceramics to match reconstructions with patient’s teeth in the most similar and natural manner.

Dental technicians working in the laboratory make beautiful prosthetic reconstructions carefully and with great precision, including: digital ultra-thin veneers, CAD/CAM digital crowns, bridges, and implant-retained restorations within one day.

The laboratory is equipped with:

  • CEREC inLab digital laboratory scanner;
  • Design centre for CAD/CAM prosthetic reconstructions;
  • Furnace for ceramic reconstructions, including a function to press E-max ceramic;
  • Furnace for zirconium oxide sintering.





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