At Perfect Dental Clinic we offer the most technologically advanced methods of reconstructing damaged teeth. Depending on the teeth damage, a dentist chooses the best solution.

Currently, in most cases we use digital fillings called CAD/CAM. Often they are placed within one appointment. Having prepared a cavity, a dentist scans the tooth’s surface with CEREC optical scanner. Then, the image is sent directly to our digital prosthetic laboratory, where special digital milling machines cut out beautiful digital crowns or veneers from porcelain or composite blocks. Our dentists also use CAD/CAM techniques in cases of considerably harmed and damaged living teeth. Alternatives for standard fillings include extremely durable and aesthetic digital inlays, onlays, and overlays.

CAD/CAM digital reconstructions condition an extreme precision in reflecting the structure and shape of teeth. They are recommended especially in cases of badly damaged or fractured teeth. As opposed to classic composite fillings, they guarantee an expected result, which is influenced by high precision, tightness and aesthetics at the highest level.

In cases of subgingival cavities and reconstructions of interproximal contact points, the precision of copied dental tissue is almost perfect. It is beneficial for the gum’s health and prevents subgingival pockets from occurring. A perfect restoration of contact points with digital crowns and other CAD/CAM reconstructions is the most commonly recommended solution by our dentists. They allow for the most durable and precise reconstruction of teeth’s anatomical surfaces. Most often they are made from ceramic due to its great aesthetic features and mechanical durability; however, in some cases our dentists can also recommend a composite resin as an appropriate kind of material for a given case.


Apart from veneers, crowns, and digital bridges, our dentists perform also other CAD/CAM teeth reconstructions: