Perfect Dental Clinic employs a group of remarkable dentists, for whom dentistry is a passion. Exchanging fillings is a standard procedure and it is the most popular service provided at the dentist’s. At our Cosmetic Dentistry Clinic we strive to bring filling placement to a higher level.

A procedure for exchanging an “amalgam filling” is a procedure that our dentists perform every day, however, they do not do it routinely. In every patient, a new composite reconstruction does not only restore a tooth’s function. A reconstruction at our Clinic is a piece of art. It has proper surface characteristics, naturally bright colour and reflection; it is adjusted to dental tissues, and has high durability. We use only high-quality nanohybrid fillings, which are characterized by the best aesthetics, durability and strength.

Cosmetic fillings placed by a dentist are made from various, dedicated composite materials depending on the section of the oral cavity. Having in mind the quality of our services, we place cosmetic composite reconstructions only on teeth without plaque or scale. Otherwise, a reconstruction placed on a tooth with scale could result in the lack of tightness of the new filling. We know what we do, use only tested methods and high-quality materials, and thus, we can issue warranties for our composite fillings.

Reasons to have cosmetic fillings placed by dentists at Perfect Dental Clinic:


  • Used nanohybrid composite materials are of highest quality;
  • Fillings are placed with great thoroughness;
  • Restoration shape is anatomic and maintains all anatomic structures, such as grooves and cusps;
  • Shade, colour and light reflexion of fillings placed by our dentists match the enamel.


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