Bruxism treatment

Bruxism is a civilization disease. Most of us are not aware of habits such as teeth clenching or grinding while being asleep. Unfortunately, this condition is increasingly more common and decreases the quality of life. Untreated bruxism can very often lead to chronic migrainous headaches, tonicity, hypertrophy of masseter muscles, square shape of the face, temporomandibular joint degenerations, and other problems within cervical spine.

Recently, it has been discovered that many chemical agents works wonders in teeth grinding and clenching therapies. Intramuscular injections decrease tonicity and in many cases allow for peaceful and comfortable sleep.

Repeatedly, a one-time injection of some agents into masseter muscles has been sufficient to decrease the tonicity and mass of the hypertrophic muscle. After about 6 months, during a follow-up appointment with our aesthetic medicine physician some patients showed a considerable decrease in teeth grinding and clenching. They also reported an improvement in their quality of life. Other patients required another injection or implementing other forms of therapy and causal treatment.

An important aspect of treating bruxism is excluding its primary cause. It is often an occlusal dysfunction. In such a case it is necessary to examine the joint relation and reach joint centric relation. Perfect Smile Clinic is experienced in both treating bruxism with injections and in combination therapy with dental guards as well as neuromuscular deprogramming. Learn more …

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