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Implants, pre-implantation procedures
Treatment Quantity
Consultation with implantologist
Premium ICX Implant Dental System
Premium Astra Implant Dental System
Standard porcelain crown(PFM) porcelain fused to metal on implant, titanium abutment
Zirconium/Fullceramic porcelain crown on implant, titanium standard abutment
Zirconium/Fullceramic porcelain crown on implant, titanium individual abutment
Zirconium/Fullceramic porcelain crown on implant, hybrid zirconium individual abutment
Sinus Lift (open method)
Bone blocks augmentation
Restorative Dentistry, Endodontics
Treatment Quantity
Check-up, consultation
Composite filling on 1 surface
Composite filling on 2 surfaces
Composite filling on 3 surfaces
Reinforced composite filling with fiberglass post
Microscope Root canal treatment of tooth with 1 root canal -thermal method (all visits)
Microscope Root canal treatment of tooth with 2 root canal -thermal method (all visits)
Microscope Root canal treatment of tooth with 3 root canal -thermal method (all visits)
Reendo (repeated canal treatment)
Aesthetic dentistry, digital aesthetic prosthetics, teeth whitening
Treatment Quantity
Digital Smile Design
Full ceramic veneer
E-max non-prep veneer 0,3 mm
Fullceramic Zirconium crown cad-cam
Ceramic inlay
Overlay teeth whitening ( 2 arches)
In-clinic teeth whitening with a lamp (2 arches)
Combined teeth whitening with a lamp (in-clinic) plus overlays
Pokrycie recesji dziąsła
Fluorisation – 2 arches
X-ray diagnostic, 3D CT scan
Treatment Quantity
Digital dental X-ray
Digital panoramic X-ray
Computer Tomography (3D scan) 4cmx4cm
Treatment Quantity
PFM - porcelain fused to metal crown
Zirro monolithic cad-cam crown
Full ceramic or zirconium-based crown (typ CERCON/LAVA)
Fullceramic E-MAX crown
Occlusal splint
Frame denture
Acrylic denture
Root Inlay (based on fiber posts)
Root Inlay (chrome – cobalt)
Dental Surgery
Treatment Quantity
Single-rooted tooth extraction
Mult-rooted tooth extraction
Tooth chiseling
Impacted tooth chiseling
Impacted wisdom tooth extraction
Tooth apex resection
Tooth apex resection followed by bone and tissue augmentation
Treatment Quantity
Scaling + sandblasting
Total connective tissue transplantation
Treatment Quantity
Orthodontic consultation
Consultation, impressions and preparation of models
Metal brace (one arch)
Cosmetic brace (less visible, one arch)
Self-ligating metal brace
Self-ligating ceramic brace
Retention brace (removable)
Removable dental braces for children
A set of overlays (Clear Aligner system per one)
Invisalign ( aligners upper + lower)
Aesthetic medicine and bruxism treatment
Treatment Quantity
Needles mesotherapy (medicines/vitamins)
Wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid
Lip augmentation
Mezotherapy procedures with PRP and iPRF (vampire facelift)
Reduction of facial wrinkles:
– 1 area (e.g. “crow’s feet”)
– 2 areas (e.g. “crow’s feet” + forehead wrinkles)
– 3 areas (e.g. “crow’s feet” + forehead wrinkles + wrinkles between the eyebrows)
Bruxism treatment – intramuscular injections BTXA

The price list is approximate. A detailed treatment plan, schedule and pricing are prepared during a consultation appointment and after a thorough examination as well as X-ray diagnostics.

The prices shown in foreign currency may vary slightly depending on the exchange rate.
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