A machine for digital X-ray diagnostics, 3D CBCT scanner, combines enormous capabilities for imagining. Perfect Dental Clinic is equipped with a state-of-the-art scanner produced by Carestream that with minimal doses allows for:

  • Performing precise digital 2D exams, including panoramic radiographs;
  • Scanning dentures to prepare dental templates used in planning minimally invasive procedures of positioning implants;
  • Scanning dental impressions in order to create digital models needed for planning orthodontic treatment, among other purposes;
  • Performing digital cephalometric images sent directly to compatible software used by our orthodontists for planning orthodontic treatment, its course, and visualization;
  • Performing digital 3D tomographic scans used in many areas of dentistry.

Depending on the needs, the scanner may be used to perform a small scan covering one or several teeth, what is often invaluable in diagnosing pathological bone lesions, which are often invisible in standard X-ray images.

Bigger bone scans, e.g. used for planning an extensive implant treatment, are often used for diagnosing volume of osseous tissue, and checking whether bone augmentation is necessary prior to placing an implant.

At our Clinic we also have modern software allowing for work in digital environment while planning implant, orthodontic and prosthetic treatments.

In case of planning the least invasive way of placing implants, special surgical templates are of the essence; they are made in our digital prosthetic laboratory by analysing tomographic scans and a digital design, which has been prepared at the stage of planning future prosthetic work. Having performed CT scans, the 3D images saved as .stl files are exported into compatible software used for designing implant templates – Magellan.

Such a way of planning guarantees that the entire procedure of placing implants will be safe and will not invade surrounding anatomical structures such as an alveolar nerve or a maxillary sinus. In addition, at an early stage of placing implants our dentists take into account the final result, which is always a beautiful smile of a patient. Thus, the entire process of placing implants is extremely predictable, and the major part of work associated with planning takes place in digital environment without the presence of a patient. Proper preparation for the procedure makes the procedure of placing an implant a fast and minimally invasive treatment at our Clinic.


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