Centre for cosmetic dentistry, Perfect Dental Clinic, was established for the most demanding and international patients. Our dentists have an extensive experience in planning and realizing particular and comprehensive treatment stages, even within one appointment.

The entire process of treatment planning and realizing is supported by our experience gained over the years and access to state-of-the-art technology at our Clinic, e.g. digital impressions (link 3 Cyfrowy wycisk) that are made with the use of an intraoral scanner – CEREC. Our dentists create digital designs, per demand, only with highly aesthetic veneers and crowns based on durable all-ceramic materials. Dental technicians, who work at our Clinic’s digital prosthetic laboratory, are fully engaged in creating beautiful prosthetic works that change patients’ smiles.

CEREC is not only an optical intraoral scanner used during everyday work of our dentists, but also an entire base of CEREC compatible laboratory equipment that rapidly produces beautiful all-ceramic veneers, crowns made with zirconium oxide, or implants with crowns on the same day – all priorly designed (link do 4 DSD – Cyfrowe Projektowanie Uśmiechu) and accepted by patients.


Advantages of CEREC:

  • A digital impression in a form of a safe and rapid scan made by a dentist and without impression materials.
  • Precision and incredible detail of making digital CAD/CAM crowns and veneers by a digital CEREC milling machine compatible with the scanner.
  • Impeccable aesthetics and naturalness of reconstructions made from durable and aesthetic E-max porcelain, and zirconium oxide porcelain, without additives or presence of metal alloys.
  • Innovative technology allowing a dentist for realization of the entire plan stage in one day – teeth within one day.

Do you dream about a beautiful smile?

Would you like to improve your comfort of life, but you never have time to take care of your teeth?

Or perhaps you live abroad and would like to undergo dental treatment that is even 60% cheaper in Poland – safety and effectively? … more

If the answer is yes – the CEREC system available at Perfect Dental Clinic is an ideal solution for you. Make an appointment with our dentists.