Welcome to the dentistry world you have never known before. Working in digital environment is an everyday activity at our Clinic. Every stage, from planning, visualization of smile design results, and making a dental impression to precise creation of digital crowns and veneers in our digital laboratory, is carefully performed thanks to compatible software at our Clinic and considerable experience of our staff.

A digital dental impression is a counterpart of an analogue impression fabricated with the use of special impression materials. Traditional impressions are still widely popular in some cases; however, they are not well tolerated by a group of our patients. Therefore, we have opted for the most innovative method of capturing a prosthetic area, i.e. CEREC optical intraoral scanner. The captured intraoral scan creates a digital impression within several minutes.

Advantages of a digital impression captured by CEREC intraoral scanner:

  • No unpleasant sensations as compared with impressions made tradionally.
  • Possibility to use scans in planning, analysing, and designing a dream smile.
  • Possibility to make reconstructions such as veneers, crowns or implants during one appointment  – also thanks to access to digital prosthetic laboratory at our Clinic.
  • Bank of your tooth shapes. This innovative service allows you to scan shapes of your teeth and keep them in our servers for years. Thanks to this solution in the future you can restore your natural smile and identical shape of your teeth in case of their possible damage or destruction.


CEREC intraoral scanner is one of the most innovative pieces of equipment at our Clinic that is used by our specialists in their everyday work at a number of stages regarding treatment plan realization. It is used especially in cosmetic dentistry, where precision is very important and compromises are out of the question. Procedures involving CEREC are painless and very fast, what is appreciated by patients from other cities or countries that visit our Clinic. Direct connection of the CEREC scanner with our prosthetic laboratory very often allows for performing a comprehensive and complex cosmetic treatment within several hours.


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